Safari Packing List

When you pack for safari, the most important thing is to keep it simple, only bring the necessary things that you will need for the African savannah.
Most of your travel time you will spend sitting in the car, watching the wildlife. Therefore clothes should be comfortable, of soft natural fabrics. When traveling to Ngorongoro Crater with an altitude of 3000 m, at night time the temperature drops to zero, warm clothes are required here. For the African equatorial sun you should protect yourself with SPF40 sunscreen. You will be provided with lunch boxes, we also recommend to take some snacks such as biscuits, fruits with you. All cars are equipped with a mini fridge, to keep your products fresh.

The main safari rule

We travel with land cruisers, all your baggage will be packed on the SUV. If there are too many bags, they will be carried on the car’s roof and you will lose a chance to drive with open roof and take nice pictures of animals.

An ideal packed luggage for safaris must fit into a small suitcase or backpack. In spite of the minimal luggage you should not suffer of the lack of the comfort.

So, let's have a look at the safari packing list, you can download and print it! If you still have some questions about the packing list or luggage, contact us.

Download Packing List